A Unified Digital Strategy 

Be there for your customers, when and where they need you. KBK Communications is presenting an 8-week course on building a data-driven digital strategy for lead generation and growth, including practical take-home coursework to hone your knowledge and be better prepared to drive your digital sales strategy.

8-Week Educational CourseItinerary

Week 1 | The Fundamentals of Digital Strategy

Healthcare providers are researching online. Are they finding you? Learn the fundamentals of a unified digital strategy and develop a map of 

  • How can you help your customer solve a problem? Define their pain
  • Why your product can solve their problem and relieve their pain?
  • What will success look like for your customer?


Week 2 | The Digital Selling Cycle

Develop digital steps to close business quicker by improving customer buying and research experience. Understanding how your sales process works currently will aid in streamlining the customer experience and ultimately shorten the selling cycle. 


Week 3 | Bullseye! How to Target Customers

Tactics to resonate with your audience. Week 3 delves into incisive marketing methods that target consumers with relevant, engaging messaging across all digital platforms to achieve growth.


Week 4 | How to Access Your Customers

Discover the modern tools and techniques for networking, reaching decision-makers, and gaining access to new audiences during every phase of the buyer's journey.


Week 5 | The Build-Out

From growth-driven website design and channel selection to CRM and content marketing, Week 5 outlines the pillars for an effective build-out that covers all the bases.


Week 6 | Be Social

Understand the power of social media and the value in implementing this as a key component to your growth plan. This webinar answers: 

  • Who's on social? 
  • How can you help? 
  • What are the different channels? 
  • Why does it matter?


Week 7 | Growth Through Momentum

Develop a lead nurturing strategy. You now have developed a plan with steps and targeted information to help with the Why? How? and What? of the buyer's journey from first touch to close. You have invested in leads, now what?


Week 8 | Taking the Next Step

You now have a clear understanding of the process to attract the network, continue to build your reputation as an expert in your space, convert, and grow your business.  


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Dates: Beginning early January 2020

Pricing: $3,000 per person

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