Customer Relationship Management

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to integrate all your customer contact, marketing, sales, and service data into a centralized platform with powerful reporting tools, automation capabilities, and campaign management features. 

With a CRM system, it is possible to:

1. Centralize data from multiple sources, including:
  • Email conversations with your leads and customers
  • Meetings, phone call records, and notes
  • Website activity and form submissions
  • Marketing emails and click-throughs
  • Engagement with your social media and paid advertising campaigns

2. Track your sales process
  • Monitor the sales pipeline and how your deals progress through your sales funnel
  • Keep important sales documents in a centralized place
  • Forecast revenue and the probability of close

3. Automate processes
  • Automate tasks and alerts for new inbound leads
  • Schedule follow up tasks and reminders
  • Enroll new leads into lead nurture campaigns 

4. Run detailed reporting, including:
  • Real-time dashboards for key metrics such as conversion rate, revenue, time to close, deals per salesperson, etc. 
  • Monitor when your leads have last been called or emailed
  • Campaign reporting
  • Web traffic analytics

Today’s customers need to feel that the conversations they have with your organization are authentic and personalized. A CRM platform will help you align and streamline your internal processes and structure the data you capture about your customer so it is consistent and accessible. This will ensure that leads will not fall through the cracks, you can easily measure the productivity of your sales team, and, your team can record all sales engagements and support issues so that everyone is always up-to-date.

KBK Communications can help you define a CRM strategy and select the appropriate CRM platform to meet your needs and budget. We will analyze your existing sales and marketing processes, evaluate your business requirements and customer communication channels, and take into consideration how your sales pipeline is structured. Whether your sales process is simple or complex, we can help design, configure, and roll out a CRM system customized for you. 

With years of experience behind us, KBK Communications understands the challenges of the healthcare industry and we can deliver a custom-designed CRM solution to support every facet of your business. Contact us to set up a discovery workshop.

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