Let’s take a deep dive into your website, competitors, and resources!

Is your website working for you? Let's find out. Request a digital marketing assessment from the KBK Communications team and we will tell you.

The digital marketing assessment consists of:

  • Discovery Call: We get the whole team involved. In this one-hour discovery session, we explore your companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as discuss your overall company and department growth goals.
  • Competitive Analysis: The first step in determining the effectiveness of your digital strategy is to see where you stand against the competition. Our team will analyze your top 3 competitors and provide you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their digital strategy. 
  • Robust Website Functionality Assessment: Attracting prospects to your website and converting them to a customer while they are there is the ultimate goal of a digital strategy. In the website assessment, we will perform the following:
    • Visitor and traffic analysis
    • Examine your persona and brand offering
    • Evaluate any marketing technology you may be using
    • Evaluate the navigation of your website
    • Landing page audit
    • SEO Audit
    • Limited Keyword Research
  • Content Audit and Conversion Strategy Analysis: Simple changes to the positioning of content on a website can enhance opportunities for lead generation. We will evaluate the content available to identify conversion opportunities.
  • Social Media Assessment: Prospects often form an opinion about a brand through their social sites. Social sites also affect search result ranking. We will evaluate your social channels (and your competitors) to ensure you're following best practices and using an effective strategy.
  • Digital Team Overview: We know what it takes to run a successful digital marketing strategy, we will give you the rundown so there are no surprises.


The KBK team takes all of this and wraps it in a neat, little package! The result is a full assessment report with recommendations on how to better position your company online to generate leads and new revenue.

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