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Unlocking the Challenges of eCommerce, Manufacturing and Distribution in Healthcare

It's great to tap into eCommerce as a part of your growth strategy, even better when manufacturing and distribution are communicating seamlessly between PIM (product information management) platforms. It's even more exciting to capture leads. The challenge is, where do you go from there?

Learn these crucial steps, tools and processes in order to have a strong eCommerce digital strategy and how it positions you for success. 



Access now to hear Jan Beery and Daryn Smith take the mystique out of the process and discuss the changing roles, process, technology, and digital transformation. 

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At KBK Communications, we focus on customer experience, user experience, and digital transformation from research to purchase.


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We offer a full spectrum of digital, PIM, CRM and customer experience solutions: strategy, paid media, creative, data, custom integrations, and technology.


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