Resource Forum Series: Emerging from the Pandemic (Part 1)

COVID-19 has impacted every individual's life one way or another. We have partnered with PWH (Professional Women in Healthcare) to put on a resource forum series for YOU! 

In this webinar, Eryn Marx and Daryn Smith highlight key tools and effective ways that we will need to navigate the way we work during these unprecedented challenges. 

This resource series is a two-part series that dives into how to digitally transition in our rapidly changing world and use technology to your advantage. 

  • Tips and tools for working from home
  • How to manage your team in a remote environment
  • How to collaborate and be able to still get your job done
  • Without trade shows and conferences, learn how to network in a digital-first environment
  • How can you touch your customers digitally?
  • How to continue to nurture your leads and grow your business
  • Are your website and technologies helping you? …and more


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