Resource Forum Series: Emerging from the Pandemic (Part 2)

COVID-19 has impacted every individual's life one way or another. We have partnered with PWH (Professional Women in Healthcare) to put on a resource forum series for YOU! 

Continue on to Part 2 as Eryn Marx and Daryn Smith dive into the key tools and effective ways needed to navigate the way we work during these unprecedented challenges. 

This resource series is a two-part series that dives into how to digitally transition in our rapidly changing world and use technology to your advantage. 

  • Tips and tricks on how to properly utilize LinkedIn
  • Ways to improve your LinkedIn profile
  • How to engage with customers and prospects on LinkedIn
  • Reasons why you should invest in a LinkedIn premium account
  • The impact of digital transformation to company culture
  • How you can use digital transformation models to grow your business


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