Meeting your customers' expectations

For your customers, doing business with your brand should be pleasant and effortless if you are to build customer loyalty and grow your business. Whether it is useful content in your newsletters, an intuitive online shopping experience, or a proactive call center agent, your customer’s experience should consistently meet and exceed their expectations. CX stands for customer experience and is all about understanding who your customer is and how they perceive and experience your brand. 

In the highly competitive world of digital healthcare marketing, your customers have access to numerous information sources across multiple channels and can easily switch brands if they feel their needs are not being understood or met. It is essential to have detailed customer data at your fingertips so that you can establish an organization-wide customer experience (CX) strategy to reduce customer churn, align your marketing and sales efforts and help you realize your growth goals.

Prioritizing the customer experience at a company level means shifting focus onto creating authentic, responsive interactions that are consistent, valuable, and frictionless. This means that every engagement must offer your customer value and convenience. 

A consistent and positive CX starts with customer journey mapping. By tracking your customer from when they first engage with your brand and then at every touchpoint, KBK’s CX team can create a detailed picture of who your customers are, their behaviors, their frustrations, and their needs. 

Equally important is identifying your different customer personas and analyzing the requirements and motivations of each. All this information needs to be structured and captured into a central customer relationship marketing (CRM) platform, where you can orchestrate, measure, track and manage each customer interaction. These data points will provide insights into how you can improve your operations and communications, as well as opportunities to personalize your marketing efforts, shortening the buying cycle and improving customer loyalty. 

KBK’s CX consulting team has years of hands-on experience in the administration, manufacturing, and operational aspects of the healthcare industry. We also have the technical marketing experience to put measurable interventions in place so you can track, measure, and optimize your customer journey. 

Our CX services include customer journey mapping, persona analysis and multi-channel communication strategy development. We can also take care of all the CRM requirements to facilitate your CX strategy. Everything is measured so you can track the results of your efforts and benchmark your success. 

Whether you are just getting started or you want to take your customer experience to the next level, KBK Communications can create and execute a CX marketing strategy that works for you. 

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