Why You Need Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is about using social media platforms to market your company's products or services, generate leads, engage with customers, and promote your company’s culture and values. With its highly responsive nature, social media allows brands to connect directly with multiple audiences using personalized messages across a variety of social platforms.

A strong digital strategy, one that combines clearly defined target audiences with valuable content, can lay the foundations for a credible, compelling, and relevant social media presence. By participating regularly in social media, your brand can cultivate nurturing engagements by starting compelling conversations and being an active and approachable participant in digital communities.

KBK Communications will work together with your company to:

  • Define your marketing objectives and goals. 
  • Identify your different target audiences.
  • Recommend the best social platforms to reach your audience 
  • Put benchmarks and tracking in place to measure the success of your social media activities.
  • Plan a social media calendar where we schedule various types of content and how they will be posted and promoted. 
  • Develop content and material for your videos, blogs, infographics, and ebooks.
  • Present your content as a series of Tweets, as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.
  • Manage your social media accounts.


With social media, you can produce, share, and promote your brand's helpful content, as well as share other links and articles that your audiences might find useful or interesting. We will ensure that your social media presence is credible and is backed with valued content that will stimulate conversations and sharing. KBK can also craft your company a unique voice, helping you to connect with your audiences through authentic interactions.

We at KBK Communications believe that social media marketing is about bringing your brand values to life and creating personal connections. Whether your social media goal is to have an online reputation as a thought leader, encourage brand engagement, or generate inbound leads through improved brand visibility, our experience within the healthcare industry means we can deliver a digital strategy that works for your business. 

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