Technology Audit for Marketing

A marketing technology audit is a systematic and comprehensive analysis of a company’s marketing and technology infrastructure so that management can make informed decisions around future investments to enable their desired marketing strategies.   

The starting point of the audit is evaluating your company’s current state and looks at your:

  • Company objectives
  • Existing marketing technology stack
  • Data models
  • Skills and capabilities within your team
  • Current marketing plans and activities
  • Existing reporting and analytics


This current state analysis will identify operational strengths and weaknesses and give you a comprehensive health check of your marketing infrastructure. 

The marketing technology audit looks for overlapping, duplicate, and underutilized features within your technology stack, with the intention that you consolidate and integrate existing systems before considering additional technology investments. 

The scope of an audit could include evaluating:

  • Marketing strategies and how they are executed via your technology stack
  • The quality and integrity of data gathered, where it is stored, how it is accessed, and how effectively you use it (database health)
  • CRM and Marketing Automation capabilities
  • Plugins and integrations between various sales and marketing platforms
  • The data model, feature set, and functionality of each technology platform
  • Operational processes, including team structures and skillsets
  • Lead management and sales processes, including lead qualification and lead scoring
  • Marketing performance benchmarks, reporting, and data analytics 


The audit report will include a technology architecture map and data model, as well as a detailed scorecard of each component to highlight which systems to migrate, integrate, and optimize. It will also provide a roadmap of step by step recommendations to grow your marketing capabilities and cost-effectively future-proof your technology infrastructure to enable a single view of your customer that is accurate and complete. 

With our broad experience in the healthcare industry and our expertise in marketing technology, we at KBK can deliver an unbiased technology audit for your company, either as a standalone piece of work or as a kick-off to a larger project. 

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